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I don't want to enter the realm of "ethnic stereotyping" but can we conclude from the "y'all" that you are the US?

In the UK we have a broadcasting system that provides 3 television channels (BBC 1, 2, & 4) that are transmitted sans advertising. (BBC 3 is now on - line only.) Those channels (along with something like 7 radio channels from the same organisation) have to be paid for and it is the licence fee that constitutes that payment. (Your "license" is perhaps another clue as to your whereabouts!)

If your alternative to our arrangement is the Merkin Model then for my money we'll just stay as we are, thank you very much. And FWIW if I'm going to be "controlled" by someone then I'd rather it was by a layer of government than by Rupert Murdoch and his like. The government does not control the BBC, although it would almost certainly like to; listen to or watch much of the BBC's output and the absence of government control is all too apparent.

Again FWIW the UK is not unique in requiring a licence.

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