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Absolutely not. The last thing we need is a broadcaster controlled by the likes of Murdoch. Thanks to the BBC we at least get a semblance of unbiased reporting.

It is no better than a semblance of unbiased reporting. BBC isn't known as "Buggerers Broadcasting Communism" for nothing. Peter Sissons told of how when he started at the Beeb the editor put a copy of the Observer and the Guardian in front of him and told him this was all he needed to know. If it weren't illegal for broadcasters to be politically biased then who knows what socialist tripe the beeb would be putting out.

As for unbiased, their view of "balance" when it comes to anything remotely scientific is hopeless. It led them to giving equal airing to that doctor who claimed that the MMR jab caused autism and to the representatives of the entirety of peer reviewed science who said that it doesn't. That 'balance' resulted in a lot of kids not getting the jab, and of course a lot of them became severely ill during the measles epidemic that broke out soon afterwards. Was the Beeb repentant? Nope...

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