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Two-thirds of TV Licensing prosecutions at one London court targeted women

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"Men are 22 times as likely as women to be imprisoned. We should do something to correct this imbalance."

Perhaps men should stop committing the majority of crime. 98% convicted rapists are men. Roughly 80% of those convicted of assault, burglary, robbery and domestic violence are male. Same for vehicular theft, vandalism and handling stolen property.

White collar crimes are a bit more equal, although men are usually more likely (60-40) to have been convicted off them. Embezzlement, fraud that sort of thing.

That women generally get lighter sentences is an issue, but it's not enough to explain the differences in prison population.

As for the telly licence convictions, partially due to women being less likely to tell a person at their door to fuck off. Which tends to be my default if they are trying to sell anything.

I've let the cops in when they ask nicely, without a court order, but only because I'd rather they didn't decide I was uncooperative.

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