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Privacy watchdog to probe Oz gov's right to release personal info 'to correct the record'

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Anonymous Coward

It didn't have to happen this way...

The record could have been publically corrected without the sharing or publication of one single bit of private data.

"The situation, as characterised by Ms Fox, is factually inaccurate as the debt being pursued is the result of matters unrelated to her relationship with her former spouse as stated in her blog.

We will be happy to discuss the matter in detail with Ms Fox - and have attempted to make contact on several occasions.

After being appraised of the facts of her debt Ms Fox may be minded to correct her public statements. Until this time, privacy constraints prevent us from releasing any more detail on the matter.

The Secretary and the Minister have been briefed and are happy that this particular case does not represent an instance of misattribution of debt.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman is available, should Ms Fox feel that her complaints have not been properly addressed."

or something like that. Agencies should not publish one bit of data more than is necessary to their normal operations.

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