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And there's probably a saying about people who name laws of commentary after themselves...

The rule about technical mediocrity winning has severe consequences for tech companies. There's hints that 4k TV won't sell because most of the market place cannot see the point of it. 3D is dead (though it's doubtful it was 'better'). HD TV sells well because that's all there is these days, but most of what people watch is SD upscaled, or terribly over compressed streamed video from the Internet.

Decent HiFi sound systems are a thing of the past too really, just a few small manufacturers hanging on in there. Who needs HiFi when what is being listened to is compressed, and anyway isn't the kind of noise where the lack of clarity is apparent.

But there is still at least the choice out there for the those who want it.

Why the Phone Market is Different

What seems to be different about the phone market is that there is zero acceptance at all for the niche manufacturer who wants to serve that part of the market which does care about something being better. Everyone is so fixated on being the next Apple or Samsung. No one seems to chase the part of the market where there's people who'd pay extra for something better. So we've ended up with Apple and Samsung which between them produce so much "Meh", and everyone else who try and produce very similar things but succeed in produce slightly crummier handsets (hence the phrase landfill Android). The only reason we don't use the phrase landfill iPhone is because they cost so much and are too thin to brim the refuse dump, but really the quality has been poor for some time now.

At least BlackBerry are trying to be something better than just another Android manufacturer. They're lightning fast with Android updates, something that no other non-Google Android manufacturer bothers with. They're often beating Google too. They're prepared to stick in a large battery. They're prepared to add software that is truly useful on top - Hub is by far the best mail / everything aggregater out there. A keyboard that's also a track pad and finger print reader is a great idea; so much better than stabbing away at a touchscreen trying to position a cursor.

All these things add up to something better at its core, not just something that has an expensive case.

If BlackBerry fail there'd be no choice left. And if rumours of Google's intention to make Android proprietary come true there would then be no choice at all.

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