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Please, you must stop, I beg you ... here I am, still waiting to patch WIndows boxen for this.

But don't you know that means Windows is more secure? I mean the Windows one requires someone to go to the extent of emailing a picture to any Windows machine, whereas the Linux one requires some knowledge of programming and sufficient local access (programmatically or direct) to gain privilege escalation. Why, with every user being an admin by default, the whole issue of priv escalation has been completely one away with in Windows! Obviously Windows is way more secure than Linux.

And what makes Windows even more secure is that the Linux but is already patched while the Windows one hasn't even been publicly acknowledged!. That just proves how much more secure windows is and also proves how much faster MS patches critical bugs!


Er, sorry folks. My bullshit generator got a bit clogged. An excess of MS-FUD seems to have cleared it though. Sorry about the mess...

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