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'How exactly would a CDN work'

How many users have put personal / confidential info up on OkCupid / Uber / Discord, that they now regret or should regret???

Discord in particular gets routinely abused and used for confidential chats, that should only be done by voice or in-person...

No matter how many breaches occur, users live in self-denial. After a breach / leak / hack there's a belief that the damage dissipate and fades. Where's the evidence to support that?

Russian hackers in particular are adept at hoovering everything using automated bot farms and filing it all away for future use.

So keep going with the 'how else could the net work' line. Be smug! When this is really about how else should users work...

Given that we are losing the Data Wars to Cybercrims, and no one has your back anymore!

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