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Hopping the flash stepping stones to DIMM future

Rik Myslewski


Chris, thanks for an excellent, readable, thorough, and eminently understandable article. Having left El Reg over two years ago, and having since devoted all my tech energies towards climate-change science rather than computing, it was pure pleasure to catch up on what many of us in the tech world have seen for decades as the Holy Grail — well, one Grail, at least ("He's already got one! It's very nice ...") — of HPC: the eventual merging of mass storage and direct CPU-addressable memory, preferably in multi-server fabrics (is that still a reasonable bit of descriptive prose? [I'm frightfully out of the loop ...]).

Two quick questions, though: you mention phase-change memory — is that still undead? And how's Crossbar and their ReRAM doing, financially?

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