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The SRAM is now on the CPU die, as L3 cache. The path from the CPU's memory pipeline, out the pins to the DRAMs and back has been so hyper-optimized around the way DRAMs work that the latency savings from using SRAM instead of DRAM at this point would be insignificant. That was absolutely not the case when I designed with SRAMs and DRAMs in the 1980s. Oh, and the static power consumption per bit in real SRAM designs of that era would simply melt a chip at today's densities, so it's not exactly SRAM...

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next decade as the various storage class memories emerge, first as storage, and ultimately (possibly) to displace DRAM. That will require a change in the interface between CPU and memory -- Gen-Z (which I worked on) is an example of a different interface. Will be interesting to see if latency-optimized (rather than density optimized) memory devices using some emerging SCM technology, combined with a new interface (think hybrid memory cube stacked on the CPU die itself, with aggressive cooling) accomplish what you have in mind in, say, 2020 or 2023.

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