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This is exactly the standard of government computing

I work for a court. My wife works for a state agency. All the computers in both are screwed up and there isn't any likelihood of that changing anytime soon. And the feds are no better - the IRS just told us both we have to report to them IN PERSON. Why? Are we being audited? Nope. Are we criminals, terrorists, etc? Nope. Their computer made an error, or so they say.

AC for obvious reasons. My next post to El Reg may be made from Gitmo. Not because we actually DID anything, understand. Just because "computer error."

I know the Nazis used Hollerith machines to better track and murder Jews. I'm just wondering what would have happened if they'd actually had computers like we do today. Would they have taken over the world? Or would Poland have crushed Germany in 1939 and ended WW II? If the Nazis had programmers of the same caliber as our government programmers, my money would be on Poland.

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