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You sound like IBM when SPARC T5 arrived and was faster than anything IBM POWER could offer. IBM general manager for POWER systems, says about the performance race:

"...Companies today, Parris argued, have different priorities than the raw speed of chips..."

When IBM has released a good cpu, performance matters a lot and IBM releases benchmarks all over the web. And when the competition has good cpus, performance “was like 2002–not at all in tune with the market today" and IBM pretends performance does not matter at all.

Well, if you need the most extreme performing business servers, you have no choice than go to SPARC M7. At minimum it is 2-3x faster. For business workloads SPARC M7 is typically 5-10x faster, sometimes 15x faster than the best server the competition has. What do you think offers more value and is cheapest? One single SPARC M7 cpu outperforms four POWER8 cpus in SPECjEnterprise2010 for instance. You do the math.

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