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... The real issue is that computer security is still just a bolt-on, rather than inherent to a design. ... "accept all" is the problem here, and it's been stupid since day one to trust the internal network so implicitly on a consumer-level home network.

Here's the problem with white-listing: "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" "yes" etc.

People are putting vulnerable devices on the "DMZ" of their home router, because they think they want to access their IP camera from their phone, or whatever. The home routers don't have any ability to manage their rule sets to something like, "DMZ, but only for addresses from a Verizon cell phone."

Until then, stuff will be tossed out into the DMZ, and that's it, with less attention to security than when it came from the manufacturer, because the really don't know any better.

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