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Wow, he Oracle droids are out in force today and, as usual, spouting complete nonsense.

6 generations in 5 years? Where. Timeline below.

2011 - T4

2013 - T5

2013 - M5

2013 - M6

2015 - M7

2016 - S7

So, by my reckoning, that's 5 processor releases in the last 5 years. However, note that I said processor releases rather than generations. This is because the T5 and M5 are actually the same generation, just slightly different configurations. Also, the M7 and S7 are the same generation. Again, same trick. So, actually, it's only 3 generations in the last 5 years. The T7 servers actually had M7 processors in them, so they don't count.

In terms of of the reason the Oracle Sparc processors are better is that the software is specifically written not to use the cryptographic accelerators in other chipsets!! So, although Power 8 has a perfectly good accelerator, Oracle software won't use it. Oracle are masters at limiting the software only to work in a specific way, on specific hardware, using specific configurations to aid their hardware sales. It's completely contrived. Same story is true of compression.

Now, don't get me wrong. The latest chips from Oracle are pretty good and have their uses. They're nowhere near as far ahead as suggested here and I do note that the links are to the usual Oracle marketing FUD rather than anything independent. The latest changes from Oracle to put database accelerators into silicon are also interesting, but the last time I spoke with them, they have no cohesive sales message. Essentially, they're willing to sell you anything you're willing to pay for and even different verticles in Oracle will fight against each other to make sales. Each insisting their product is better and more applicable for your use case.

The reality is that the biggest impediment to selling this hardware is the fact it's owned and sold by Oracle. Their sales tactics, licensing practices and general company ethos and attitude to customers is the problem.

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