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The worlds fastest cpu

Today the worlds fastest cpu is SPARC. Oracle has released six generations of cpus in five years. Each being minimum 100% faster than the previous generation. We dont talk about 5-10% faster (as Intel). Today the SPARC M7 is typically 2-3x faster than the fastest Intel Xeon or POWER8, all the way up to ~15x faster on database workloads. Here are 30ish world records, where SPARC M7 crushes x86 and POWER8. The coming POWER9 will only be 2x faster than POWER8, which means POWER9 will be slower than the current SPARC M7. And if you also turn on encryption and compression on all these benchmarks, expect x86 and POWER8 scores to go down to 25-33% of these numbers, whereas SPARC M7 gets a penalty of 2-3% in benchmarks. So if you want to use encryption and compression, SPARC M7 cpu is not typically 2-3x faster but it is 6-9x faster typically, all the way up to 45x faster on database workloads.

For instance, the last week Oracle released the Exadata SL6 (Sparc Linux 6) which is based on the SPARC M7 cpus, so performance has increased considerably when compared to the x86 version. The only difference between the new Exadata SL6 and the other one, is one uses SPARC and the other uses x86. And both run Linux. And the price is identical. But one single SPARC M7 can database scan 48 billion rows per second, achieving 143 GB/sec throughput, whereas two E5v3 achieved 20 GB/sec and was far slower. So if you need extreme performance, you have no other choice than use SPARC M7.

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