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Que ?

How is it "Me Too". when NetApp is currently the only Enterprise array vendor actually shipping standard NVMe devices in its main line of arrays ?

The whole point of NVMe is to improve latency and increase queue depths .. which in turn improves performance. There's a fairly small number of applications (most of them in HPC environments) where shaving off another 50 microseconds in media access time will make a significant difference. Eventually as applications and operating systems learn to use large amounts of persistent memory effectively, NVMe will take its place along side of NVDIMs and in combination with RDMA data transports will significantly change compute / storage architecture.

In the mean time, like most fast media which is relatively expensive the best bang for buck in mass storage will be for it to form part of a storage heirarchy .. first as a cache, then as a tier, and then ultimately replacing the previous generation (in this case SAS and the whole of the SCSI command set ecosystem) completely.

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