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Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list

Custard Fridge

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What these comments have shown is -

How easy it is for someone to get around this by setting up fake accounts (takes a little time but if you are a terrorist planning is everything I suppose)

How banks could not get away with allowing this huge and gaping a hole in their systems

How decent two-part security will not let third parties look at this anyway

Zooming out for a minute -

This policy is simply to make a good impression with Trump's core vote - nothing more.

Trump needs millions more to march for him in order to stay in power and bully the other marchers into submission.

The more his core vote see he is 'delivering' (however false the reality of that is) the more likely they are to actually march.

If they do then the US is doomed to become inward looking, protectionist and shortly thereafter fascist.

‘So-called judge’ – perhaps the start of the fight against the rule of law as per Weimar Germany.

Temporary ban on 15% of Muslims – perhaps the start of the fight to stoke up real hatred of a minority (any minority will do) as per Nazi Germany.

All your passwords are belonging to us – perhaps the start of how to ‘protect’ everyone as per issuing ID cards in occupied Europe / 1984.

I realise Aodhhan will not see any of this as being linked or realistic or sensible, but battle lines are being drawn around the world – and you and I are unfortunately on different sides.

And no, I have never been a member of the Labour or indeed Communist party, but I am a history graduate who has read about all this before, but had always thought he wouldn’t be living through an attempt to re-hash it.

‘May you live in interesting times’ – no, bollocks, no.

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