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According to my bank's T&Cs:-

Password, PIN, Telecode and Security Device Code security

To help protect your password, PIN, Telecode and Security Device Code (“security passwords”), you must

* Not disclose your security passwords to anyone including a family member or friend ...

However, about 4 bullet points later, we get to:-

* Notify <$bank> immediately if you become aware that your security passwords records have been lost or stolen, or known or used by someone else;

Does this mean that I can cheerfully give The Man my banking PINs Customer Reference Number, password/s etc, etc with a clear conscious, get my bags, walk out into The Land of the Free / Home of The Brave, then promptly ring <$bank> to tell them what's just happened, hoping that they'll immediately change the logon details?

I think not. How's Guantanamo at this time of year? Isn't waterboarding something fun you do in the surf?

I have visited across the Pacific on a number of occasions - the natural beauty of the USA is just remarkable, but I suspect I've had my last visit to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, The Big Island, etc until the management changes.

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