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Paris Hilton

Do all those border officials speak and read Arabic?

Are the border officials expecting to see those FB accounts all written up in USA English???

Or... are US security professionals who happen to be able to read Arabic going to be diverted to this oh so useful dog-chasing-tail exercise?

This isn't just speculation. I don't know if it's been fixed, but historically French security services have struggled with keeping up phone intercepts, due to the lack of people speaking Arabic.

I also wonder how US citizens who approve of this type of intrusion would appreciate if they were subjected to it on their trips abroad?

Also, what were the travel and vetting arrangements like, and how were the legalities addressed, for Soviet visitors during the Cold War? If the US insists on treating visitors from certain Arab countries as potential enemies, that would have been a historical precedent, no? Not that Cold War behavior was always very clever either - like w McCarthy. The numbers would have been much lower however.

p.s. we definitely need a Trump icon. I am starting to feel really bad about insulting Paris' intelligence by using hers.

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