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Andy Tunnah

So will I be barred ?

I don't use social media - no twitter, snapchat, instagram etc.

I *do* have a facebook, but it's under a fake name (if I wanted to keep in touch with you after school I would do so), and I only add very close friends, people I'm in regular contact with, and it it is so I can speak exactly like I would face to face, so as you can guess, my posts are all the sort of things mates say only to other mates.

If I went to the states would I get into trouble for not having anything ? My facebook is absolutely non-identifiable (I don't have any family members on it - I don't know about you lads but it doesn't matter how old you are, you don't swear in front of your mam, it applies to 32 year old me, it'll apply to 62 year old me god willing, and my lexicon is...quite scottish, so I have no family on there at all)

I'm planning on doing a US trip in 2018, purely as a tourist, but I'll be buggered if you're gonna get a chance to see what I think about my mate ben's latest bird.

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