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Such a truly stupid and lazy plan perfectly setup to fail horribly

This is a truly stupid plan that is bound to fail on so many levels and will do nothing but upset decent people and open them up to hacking & identity theft while doing nothing to actually stop people who want to cause harm. It reeks of lazy ignorant fools who want to be seen to do something rather than actually do something that works.

So the government can't even keep their whole database of classified personnel files and biometric data on high security clearance individuals safe from hackers, how safe do you think your passwords will be in the hands of stupid government agents? My guess is they will have them all in some nice big database that will be hacked and downloaded over and over.

This is just going to be security theater and bothering everyone and invading their privacy for no net effect at all. As soon as it goes live, all the bad guys will know they need a clean profile online, there will probably even be special paid services to make your online profile all nice and minty fresh, probably even with posting and messaging "good" stuff to make sure you look nice online.

What is to stop unaccountable TSA level of intelligence minions with the standard delusions of power from messing around with your accounts just because.... respect my authority.....

If the government actually has a real concern about somebody, just go ask the NSA which has a copy of pretty much any electronic or signals communication sent anywhere in the world. (that stuff they claim about only "metadata" is just to make you feel good, or as they put it to congress... the least dishonest thing they could say).

If the government actually bothered to stop playing security theater and actually crack down on terrorists it's easy, they already have all the information needed.... usually after an attack there is this statement in the news...."they were known to the authorities" or "had been already under surveillance" or like the San Bernardino terrorists, busy posting messages hating america online openly... "but oh we couldn't bother checking their public data profiles before letting them in because"..........

They want to start demanding your passwords for your phones & laptops?

.. well pretty soon all they will find is factory reset phones, laptops with a never used OS and a new booming business for Chinese, Russian and European data centers of "whole system data backups".

The only good news is that if this goes live, everyone will probably start scrubbing their Facebook profiles to be about as informative as Zuckerberg's page... so maybe then Facebook will finally go the way of MySpace.

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