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Hmm, 3 downvotes and no rebuttal at the time of posting this. I guess those downvotes come from people who only want to get their rocks off over the "dem is nasty peoples!!!111!!111!!11!!111!!!!1!!11!1!!11!!1!!1" propaganda and who haven't ever taken the time to travel to or even slightly research (in unbiased sources, not faux (etc) news!) the countries in question, or the peoples therein.

I'd be willing to be good money that the countries in CMIC's shitlist have far lower violence/murder rates than the US, and of course while CMIC is wanting to bring in torture, the US leaders are talking of banning sexualities they don't agree with and so on the chump supporters certainly have no grounds to complain about another nation's human rights issues - not till they take care of the much worse problems at home.

Disagree? Refute! If any of what I said can be reasonable refuted I'll take back what I said.

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