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Comcast staffers join walkout over Trump's immigration crackdown

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Dear nutters,

These protests aren't about liberals, or fascists, or illegals, or whatever you want to call it. Tech companies have a LOT of H1B Visa and Green Card holders. Not only can they not visit Mom, Pop, and Grandma anymore, but the government has vowed to treat them like criminals despite all the hard work they put into the proper legal process. Imagine if the government suddenly declares that 5%, 10%, or maybe even 30% of your friends and coworkers are a terror threat to US citizens. It's a shocking load of bullshit from a powerful orange guy who looks like he's drawing on restaurant menus. Companies know this is highly disruptive to the workforce so they want their employees to vent emotions outside the office until the Judicial branch can bring back some sanity.

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