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Only tangentially related:

When working in an all girls secondary school in Belfast I got a call from the headmistress to attend a meeting because she couldn't understand the reams of buzzwords the contractor was spouting. As it turns out the meeting was for migrating to a hosted cloud system. As the head technician I should have been there in the first place but the headmistress "hadn't wanted to bother me" which was foolish.

I listened to the guys bullshit for maybe half an hour and it was painfully clear that he had no idea what he was talking about. I then asked him if the school would be connected by a secure VPN, he didn't know. I asked what kind and strength of encryption was used both on the connection and stored data, again no clue. Annoyed by this point I pressed him on how exactly his company guaranteed the data concerning 400+ young girls would be secure considering that if it went into the wild the school would be the one held legally responsible, It was at this point that he started waffling about "security through obscurity" and I got up and walked out taking the headmistress with me.

This cloud company btw came supposedly vetted and rated for security by the NI education authority.

From what I heard at that meeting, waving chicken bones while humming cumbaya would have been more effective.

The overall view of many companies concerning security, when they really should know better, is woeful.

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