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Neutrality? What's that, Precious?

There are many competing arguments for and against Net Neutrality. Not the least of which is; this is how the Internet was built, and we need to keep this is the spirit of fairness. Asshole carriers can change the way the game is played, and projecting Net Neutrality as some kind of anti-consumer project aimed at thwarting their "continuing progress with provided the latest communication technologies" is a lie.

The real deal is this; everyone has equal access to the Internet, more or less, but without Net Neutrality you'll "be able" to "pay for higher speeds" and other bullshit, made-up, service "features" that don't exist. The carriers, who all collude on these strategic decisions, will force everyone up their tiers until we are in tears! It will work just like this; I pay for regular service without "extra high speeds" and it works fine today, next the carrier will setup a new tier that provides this "new" level of service and start to ween everyone off of the lower tiers. You see where this is going? Next, they weasel their way with the big content providers to "provide more customers and existing customers at a higher class of bandwidth, so you had better play our game, or your precious customers will get shit-class services and we'll steal them away by providing an in-house content scheme at pennies on the dollar... at first."

Face it, without keeping the carriers at bay, it's every consumer for themselves while these fucking pirates continue to rule your Internet access, whether or not you pay into the new pricing structure. This is all about empire building, nothing to do with giving me better service, unless I play the game and "pay extra." Meanwhile your carrier will be trying to use old, sub-standard equipment and methodologies in-house to further pump up their profits and slash pesky operating costs, like security and the latest gear.

No big company is any humans friend. Neither is a government in-bed with these companies and taking bribes from them pretending that it's something else called lobbying. It is known.

Every politician is a crook. But to actively portray the biggest crook as a "leader" is the sign of an easily led electorate that should get an IQ test before being allowed to cast a vote. No wonder there are so many disenfranchised peoples; they mostly can't think for themselves, and are fooled by anything pretending to be news, from any source imaginable, except a proper one. :P And nothing has changed. Those idiots are still poor and stupid, and will be in four years time.

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