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GCHQ cyber-chief slams security outfits peddling 'medieval witchcraft'


Re: Do they lead where angels fear to tread or just follow crazy orders ......??

The fact they are accusing security outfits as peddling nonsense, is a GCHQ chief in denial. No he (Robert Hannigan) stepped down suddenly due to family reasons.

Did Russia hack and rewrite his speech notes before he put himself on the parapet?

Have the media been reporting fake news about Russia hacking, and if so who is driving this Russian Hacking meme, someone called Andrew Parker MI5 perhaps?

Or maybe the truth is these spooks never had the best people as the brightest all sought positions with tech firms in an earthquake zone chasing money, meaning Govt can only get convicted criminals with IT experience to work for the "Ministry of Justice" at best.

What does that say about the current state of affairs?

Even the hackers working for media outfits are earning better money than GCHQ employee's, but then what can you expect when the Royal Marines can not even keep track of weapons & ammunition stolen from right under their noses.

Looks like a Grunt exposed the slap dash methods of the MOD Top Brass!

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