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How can this work?

If you have an article "Trump facing imminent impeachment" what's the difference if it references "sources close to the House of Representatives", "senior republican Congressmen", "Todd Hays R-KS" (note there is no such person) "Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's staff" "Speaker of the House Paul Ryan"?

None, if the article is simply fake. If you check that the article has certain kinds of references, fake news will simply make up references that will pass the check". You can write the exact same article, claiming a quote from Paul Ryan saying that Trump faces impeachment, and it will be either true or stupidly false depending on whether the quote was accurate. How do you determine the accuracy of that quote, have the program email Paul Ryan asking if he actually said that?

Obviously for something like that it would be all over the news if it was true, but Paul Ryan probably would have given the original quote to only one source (unless it was a press conference with a lot of press attending) If the former, what's the source for the other articles aside from the original article? If I hack into and plant that fake story with the fake Paul Ryan quote, how many others will reference that? How many times will it be retweeted in the next 30 minutes? It would quickly be very widespread, so how is a bot supposed to figure out it is false? For that matter, how is a person supposed to? If you wait a bit someone will succeed in calling Paul Ryan or other high ranking house members and they'll deny it, and it will be revealed as a hoax in the next few hours.

But what if it is a story like "House republicans to investigate Trump's business deals in Turkey", which isn't going to attract the same feeding freezing that will quickly self correct the false impeachment story?

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