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New US Net Neutrality law coming 'within three months' – advisor

Roger B

I'm no expert but..

This article reads the exact opposite of what I, from the UK, understand the current US situation to be,

I believe Comcast have already introduced data caps, something like 1TB? which in these times of HD Netflix or even (sort of) UHD Netflix and 60GB console games with 20GB day 1 patches soon disappears.

The growing trend of cord cutting is encouraging cable TV suppliers to tie the best broadband deals to their TV packages

Competition is generally pathetic and the dream of Google fibre is vanishing as local councils don't want Google implementation their own connections for whatever kickback reasons

Network speeds are now generally worse than the UK which is incredible to believe.

I may be wrong, but it will be interesting to revisit this article in 12 months time and see how things have progressed.

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