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Comparing Storage Tech from 10 Years Ago Now?

These sort or articles are so silly. Pure got a win, good for them. They took out a storage platform that was 10 years old. Congrats. That storage platform from 10 years ago still has features that don't even exist on Pure's FlashBlade (CIFS, Snapshots, Replication, Deduplication). Don't get me wrong, Pure has a nice product in the FlashBlade, but it's VERY 1.0 and not mature at all. Let's compare apples to apples in current gen platforms. NetApp just released the A700s platform this week. It's a 4U chassis (same as the FlashBlade) - currently supports 24x15.3TB SSDs (soon to be 24x32TB SSDs) - has multi-protocol (CIFS,NFS,FC,ISCSI) can do dedupe+compression, can be clustered, is cloud enabled, has snapshots and replication, and oh yeah, it can be clustered to produce millions of IOPs and many PBs of scale. NetApp has fixed all the metadata issues and scale issues with "FlexGroups." If you don't know what this is, you should. Yes the FlashBlade is "simple" but it only does one thing. A sharp knife is simple, but it won't turn screws if you need it to.

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