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Stocks and shares price speculation in terms of investment is just gambling, no more no less.

If the benefit to investors was only the premium then fair enough but stock price manpulation pulls in the usual fraudsters and suckers associated with other forms of gambling.

That the same share price is used to judge the sucess of a company and limit access to loans shows just how messed up the system is. Each year the majority of new companies fold, not because they weren't making a profit but because their loans were called in.

Worse is when the investors are influencial enough to raid/damage the state when they loose their bets, equivalent to state sponsered booze for alcoholics and then making them drive a full school bus.

Personally I would make it so stocks and shares could not be traded for a year after purchase then all the bad aspects of the system would disappear whilst retaining all the benefit to companies and the majority of investors.

Which is better a reasonably predictable return on your inventment in a company or loosing your stake because you were manipulated into believing that the existing system is predictable by anyone.

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