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Imagination, or lack thereof

"The Register imagines many developers may not be entirely happy with those data types being considered peripheral to their efforts."

The Register (or rather, Simon Sharwood) imagines wrong. It just so happens that both my organisation and I personally, have GitLab accounts that we use to coordinate development of a few tools which are, after all, critical to our business. We use free accounts for this and our repositories are private (an option not available with their main and better funded competitor).

Their issue tracker is how we demonstrate compliance for certain aspects of our quality management system.

Are we unhappy? Not at all. We get a lot out of it and pay (yet¹) nothing in return, so hardly in a position to complain. Apart from that, we take regular backups of our projects (that is, the issues, wikis, attachments, all the stuff ancillary to the actual git repos) that we use to recover lost data in a number of ways. If it came to it, we could even self-host a GitLab server and dump our data into it, but we'd rather spend our efforts in doing what we're good at.

In short, shit happens, smart people (and even us) plan for it. Sometimes plans go wrong. Occasionally the holes in the Swiss cheese line up. Too bad. That doesn't mean that anyone is incompetent or an idiot. It's just risk management in action.

I hope someone more analytically inclined or with a bit more of a technical background will blog about this here in The Register, so that we too can learn lessons from this incident.

If there is one thing I am "not entirely happy with" however, it's the "more sensationalism and less substance" turn that The Register has taken in the last few years and which just seems to be getting worse, which is why I hardly bother reading it any longer.

¹ We intend to, started off with a free account to check them out, then things got really busy and we haven't got around to that yet. Sorry about that.

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