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What CMS would you recommend instead?

I'd go with Joomla, but I need facilities that go past just presenting output & blogging (the ability to set up groups of users, for instance) and if there is one thing you should not do with WP is trying to bend it into something that it is not suitable for by means of plugins.

That said, Joomla has stupid things too, like defaulting to sending passwords in cleartext email, but at least it has 2FA built in. I guess the key problem for most people is that it isn't all for free, but for me that ensures the eco system does at least something to live off other than ^&$% advertising and stealing people metrics.

I hear others have good results with drupal, but that strikes me more as a good toolkit for people with a programming background. Hard to set up if you don't have the skills, but if you do or want to go really *BIG*, drupal seems to be the way to go.

If you just need a blog but want it more fancy there are places like Squarespace (link to a description + competitors) which basically amounts to putting a few building blocks together. It's too inflexible for my needs, but I know some people that are quite happy with it.

However, like in the movies, whatever technology or approach you choose counts for nothing if your content sucks. If your content is good, you can even get away with raw HTML..

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