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The whole thing makes no sense. Obviously it should be in billions, not millions, since $31.6 million is nothing, and 31.6 million chips would allow them less than one chip per phone and none for TVs etc.

I guess it is the number of chips in what Gartner tracks, so Samsung sold 31.6 billion chips in all the phones, TVs and PCs they sold while Apple sold 29.8 billion chips in all the phones and PCs they sold. But could Apple really sell enough chips in PCs to make up for all the extra low end phones Samsung sells plus their TVs?

The stat looks to be pretty meaningless, it sounds like it is essentially ranking smartphone sales, but TVs and PCs are thrown in for no apparent reason. Why not cars, set top boxes and tablets? Gartner wouldn't put together this report if no one paid for it, so the question is: Who is stupid enough to pay for this report?

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