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Wine 2.0 lands: It's not Soylent for booze but more Windows apps on Linux and Mac OS


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Wine 2.0 - WoW runs under DX11 (-d3d11 on the command line) but without some digging into interesting tweaks the framerate is atrocious compared to DX9. Opengl is not usable as Blizzard has abandoned work on that apparently. < have not done any of a list of optimizations for this and there are about 6 different things, depending on Video Driver that are all noted on various app DB pages at winehq already >

Visio (2010) runs *much* better in 2.0 that in 1.9.21 - cursor hesitation is gone and the object grouping functions in visio behave more like when its running on Win7.

Office 2013/2015 all work well on essential tests and basic functionality.

All in all I'd say 2.0 is a nice improvement over 1.9x series - (I've a few more apps to test but haven't had time to play with them yet -- there's a stream capture application I need to benchmark for a *cough* kordkutting group I'm part of that *looks* like it has improved immensely in 2.0)

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