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Microsoft's Cloud UI brings Windows full circle

Pascal Monett Silver badge

For the love of God, get your bearings straight

You insist on shoveling the Start button into a phone UI, then you turn around and insist on taking it away from a full-fledged PC ?

Is the MS design department based in Colorado, by any chance ? Or was it the MS design department that managed to lobby hard enough to have their weed decriminalized ?

Which schizophrenic idiot approved all this ?

Of course, silly me, there must have been hundreds of idiots on the managerial merry-go-round. No way you can so totally lose the plot with a single, coherent corporate vision. This just proves that MS never, ever had any vision whatsoever. It started by stealing someone else's code, and continued blindly flailing about the two sole products that ever brought in the money.

Success is overrated.

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