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"""Things that you might actually use for something other than wasting time (e.g.: TurboTax, a version of Photoshop released this decade) don't get a lot of love. It's not really their fault -- a person has to eat -- but it limits the utility of the project from an end-user perspective. If you want that to change, you have to pony up."""

That is not true, not at all.

There are two aspects of Wine that people do not understand.

One is the fact that sometimes functionality is missing in several areas, this includes bugs in Windows that need to be reproduced.

The second fact is that some applications do not run out of the box on Wine's version of its components yet, but do run just fine if you configure Wine to use a DLL directly from a version of Windows (Windows XP ones are great most of the time)

Office 2003 for example will not work well unless you do several DLL overrides.

Wine can't just say hey!, copy these files from windows because you need a license for windows, so sometimes applications do not run for years because wine's DLL is missing functionality, which sometimes depends on other functionality of another component and so on.

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