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"Things that you might actually use for something other than wasting time (e.g.: TurboTax, a version of Photoshop released this decade) don't get a lot of love"

Wine is also, AFAIK, supported by Crossover. That's a paid for package and the promotional blurb ("CrossOver Linux runs Windows productivity software, utility programs, and games all in one application") puts productivity first. People purchasing that should expect to get some love.

It's ironic that one of Crossover's Top WIndows Software packages, Enterprise Architect, is the one that I couldn't get running in earlier versions of Wine (or Crossover) without hacking it to remove the assumption that a 24 bit colour graphic driver could actually support 32 bit colour. Only when Sparx Sytems changed their splash screen could it be run on an unhacked Wine.

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