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>devices get thinner (for no reason)

We would expect to see more Li-ion battery fires because there are more devices with li-ion batteries. We have seen fires and mass recalls in the past due to manufacturing costs being squeezed. We have also seen fires because the ODMs didn't know how to charge them properly.

The thinness of a device is only tangential to this issue - squeezing a battery into too small a space is not good for it, whether it is 4mm thick or 20mm. For what it is worth, if I had a flaming battery in a device of mine, I would rather it be a small flaming battery.

Devices get thinner because we carry them around or have to hold them. Ergonomic considerations, though having to be balanced with other considerations, are not "no reason".

>The next time this happens to something with an irreplaceable battery, will the company survive?

You've evidently not seen Samsung's recent financial reports this last week, have you? They're doing just fine.

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