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Let me add to the argument here. Going to your chess example, I would suspect a complete novice would not even realize they are losing until their opponent makes the final move and declares checkmate, and usually not even then unless the other player points out why the king is cornered. I know it happens to many a novice. Heck, it happens a lot to novices of Connect Four and Pente, and these are much simpler games.

What allows humans to improvise is a knowledge base taken from firsthand experience. This is something only time can give to AI systems, just as it takes time for humans to figure out the coordination of legs, hips, arm, and wrist needed to make a very good throw (and because this is different for each person due to body types, it's something that can only be hinted, not necessarily taught; you're on your own for the fine-tuning).

After all, the batsman who came to the pitch with that bat probably didn't cook the idea up whole cloth. He probably watched a tennis game and made the connection (perhaps subconsciously). Just as the guys at St. Louis University who first tried gridiron's forward pass probably thought back to games like baseball and thought, "Why not?" Or the high jumper who thought perhaps an arcing movement of the body can allow some extra inches. Bursts of creativity usually don't just spring out of nowhere. AI needs the knowledge base first, and we're only now getting to that part.

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