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"The problem is that people think Wine means you can just run all Windows software, and that is just too much to ask. Windows can't do that either. There was an interesting project a few years ago, Wine on Windows, as Wine is better for running old Windows software than Windows, but it seams abandoned now.

But ideally, yes, you don't need Wine."

Wine on Windows was abandoned when x86 CPUs got proper virtualization support. Now it's just so much easier to run older Windows stuff on a VM or (if we're walking Win3 stuff) with DOSBox.

As for Wine, that depends. The main reason I'm still with Windows is that it's still the best OS for games PC-wise. The lineups can't even compare, especially at the top end where not even Valve can convince the headliners to go multi-OS, in spite of a plethora of multi-OS-supporting toolkits. Consider that.

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