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I honestly don't know how anyone could ever write the code for such a thing ...

Because "Knowledge Work" is becoming a lot like the assembly lines of old. Programmers are just "hands", waiting in lines outside the virtual factory gates. Fungible resources traded on the global "Marketplace". That attitude is of course returned within the work that they do.

The attitude is: ""I" don't know these people "I" am working for, the pay is shit and they don't care about me, so who cares what happens to them and their bullshit business!? I do *exactly* what they paid for, *nothing* else."

I left IT to go back to Electrical Engineering, because, more and more "we" relied on "gig programmers", consultants and people in India or Ukraine (with the Indians one spent as much time arguing and fixing their crap as one would have done coding it) the Ukrainians were good, however, if "you" are not equally good - how does one know that they didn't slip something Extra in, for their other jobs, with Mob, NSA or FSB?

The consultants cars got ever crappier, so, I figured it was time to leave before that person in the shoddy vehicle would be me.

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