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Go dark with the flow: Lavabit lives again


> Unless it becomes LESS convenient, turning the average person OFF to the idea. I sometimes wonder if we're going to find it's an UNhappy medium out there: too irksome to use yet not secure enough to be practical. Remember the unwashed masses control the market, and they're searching for unicorns at this point. And we REALLY need the herd effect for this to be really effective. Unless, of course, the State has the computational resources to still winnow this out, in which case we're at the Big Brother stage already, in which case we're pretty much screwed.

I am willing to let them try. GPG has been around for donkeys years, and it never caught on beyond a few special industries and crypto nerds.

If they can provide similar levels of security in a more convenient fashion, then I don't have a problem with letting them try. Even if the security is worse than GPG, it would be moving forward as long as it isn't unencryped email (which is the equivalent ot writing messages on a post card and sending that).

Plus in theory I could GPG encrypt my mail myself before I send it through this system if I feel particularly paranoid, while for joe average it will be more secure than before, but with (in theory) similar levels of convenience.

I still would class that as a win, because we have moved forward and improved an infrastructure that was designed back when the Internet was an academic utopia, rather than the modern day cesspit it has become.

And yes, if the state can winnow it out anyway without much effort, then we are deeper down the rabbit hole then I expected. In which case, not much you can do. If you can't organise an effective opposition because all comm channels are under scrutiny/control, then you are done essentially. Individuals can either rage impotently against the machine, accept that is the world they live in, or attempt to leave for greener pastures.

> But like you said, natural selection might result in security people hiring sociopathic masochistic loners since they can't be tortured: directly (wrench turns them on) or indirectly (don't care about anyone else enough for that to be an angle). And this is only in SEMI-jest, since it seems sociopathy is just about a requirement for ANY position of power.

I thought they already hired sociopathic masochists? :-D Or at least a mixture of sociopathic sadists and masochists... (their Christmas parties must be fun)

Well, this is a human condition, not something technology will control or remedy (nor am I sure it would be wise to do so). Either way, it is outside the scope of this project's goals :-)

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