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> Your inconvenience originated from you not fully understanding what are you buying.

Indeed, one of the reasons I would download all my mail off lavabit to my own home via POP. In this world secure communications channels not backed by military power can be shut down, and I would rather lavabit shut down, then just open up a backdoor to all our mail. If I wanted that, I could just use Google.

FWIW, I will be going to back to lavabit once up and running. He proved himself by shutting down his business and going through the courts for years rather than give up the keys.

Also, they say they still have the old lavabit accounts for reactivation, so I am going to see if they can re-activate my old accounts there.

In theory, they may have all the old mail too. I suspect that during the court case, deletion of emails would have been seen as tampering of evidence, so chances are they may still have your original data, as well as the original accounts.

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