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Flash is up, spinning rust is down

Okay, thanks for the official report. I think only Gartner will be surprised, if even they stoop that low.

I like SSDs. Since I banged a 500GB one in my laptop last month, I feel like the whole thing got a major upgrade. It's a different laptop. Startup is 25 seconds, from button ON to full desktop availability. Frak me but I like that.

So it seems clear to me that flash IS the future. Most people don't splurge for more than one hard disk on their PC, and Joe User's laptops are never upgraded, so if they can get them with an SSD it makes everyone happier.

15 years ago I was telling everyone they needed a second hard disk to put the swap file and make Windows faster. With SSDs, that is no longer a requirement.

Viva progress.

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