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Elementary, my dear IBM: When will Watson make money?

Michael Sanders

Fries, no ketchup..Ham, no burger..

The single biggest market for AI, IBM and Google don't own. And Microsoft does not have a good AI. I'm talking about managing IP space and switches. And managing Microsoft domains. There is actually a lot less to think about and program into an AI for that. If Watson was coded into the software layer, instead of using shell script and GUI like we do, it would be far simpler for it to think and act. And if it was beefy enough to oversee and manage everyone's remote thin client session, it's hard to see needing a help desk either. Watson would be watching your every click and head you off before you broke things. You'd have two Watson's. One to watch the other. And a service contract with IBM gives you someone to call and unstuck Watson by going through his think log like backing out of a bad transaction in a database.

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