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"Lol, hmrc are straight from 1970 in thought before deed."

You can tell everything that you need to know about HMRC from the self assessment forms they provide.

They send out a form with your name and address printed on the cover. Turn over the page and you are asked to give your name and address. Writiing "The same name and address you sent the form to, the same name and address on the first page of this form, you idiot." in this space is frowned upon.

There isn't even a check box to be used that says something like "address not changed" or something similar. They actually want you to waste your time filling it all out again - presumably because it's not their time.

Later you will be asked to sign parts of the form. The places requiring signature are not completely obvious. Nothing obvious like "sign the last page to confirm that what you stated is true" Oh no, it's search for the declaration on page 4(b) subsection 2z or whatever timewasting nonsense they can dream up.

HMRC hates taxpayers.


A friend of mine was "invited" to have a meeting with HMRC about his tax submissions which were, as far as he was aware, honest, open, legal and complete. Part way through the meeting the tax inspector said "I can't help the feeling that you have a bad attitude about paying taxes." My friend admitted that this is true, he believes in a minimum tax system where the state only takes the minimum of tax and doesn't waste the tax money on vanity projects. The inspector then said "Yes, you seem to have the bad attitude that this is your money. It isn't. All of this money belongs to the government, however the government generously permits you to keep some of it and you should be grateful for this."

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