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Big tech's grip loosens on IT spend

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So the same big players in different chairs.

BTW When they say "Oh we go with BT/Cap Geminie/HP/Uncle Tom Cobley because they did project whatever" what they don't often realize is that in fact their "supplier" lined up a specialist company that did know WTF they were doing, had their people come in and do the job.

Big Suppliers role is basically.

Have the funds to survive a decision taking years to make.

Produce and maintain all the BS paperwork to "prove" they are compliant whatever they have to be compliant with (this will have nothing to do with actual useful information to assist in doing the project) but is vital to getting paid.

Find out who can actually do the work.

Explain to them that if they don't "partner" with us they don't have the necessary "credibility" with HMG to do the work.

Issue the ID badges with their company logo on it.

Take the money off the government.

BT/Cap Geminie/HP/Fujitsu are the Uber of the IT business.

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