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It's not spying if it's a machine doing it? Seriously?

Microsoft employees are not going through everyone's files to do this

It's irrelevant if it's a person or a machine doing it. At the end of the day Microsoft is putting every single private file under the microscope. That's wrong.

Here's the fun bit: it's also actually illegal in Europe. Not the very act itself, but to gain permission to access personal information you must obtain permission EXPLICITLY, NOT IMPLICITLY under EU privacy laws and national derivatives thereof (and there's more they screwed up, but this is the most major problem they have right now). Translated, MS has to ask you permission to access your data in a separate process of approval, not bury this little gem at the end of a 2TB EULA printed in light grey 6 point font on a white background and I am 100% certain they have not done so for any customer so far (nor have they done this for other products and services - that's how I discovered this).

So, first of all, you have Microsoft's admission they're rummaging in the data you store with them, using the exact same excuse as Google ("we use computers, so please ignore the fact that it is us who tell these computers what to look for"), and next you have them hardcore breaking EU privacy law doing so.

It's not Google, but at this point I think it's worth asking if you feel lucky..

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