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>First MS should have asked for volunteers. Seeing the nightmare of depravity that some people are capable of is more than most people can take, let alone for long periods for time.

The point of the article seems to vary with the reader, but one aspect that gets short shrift is the effect on those doing the work over an extended period. It can't possibly be neutral. And, no, I don't believe that compulsion has to be overt; the threat, implicit or explicit, of losing you job, or having your chances of advancement coloured by whether or not you bolted the room when the subject of this particular task was raised is a real threat.

It seems to me that if anyone at all is going to (have to) do this kind of screening (and there are obvious issues with it happening at all, which I'll skip over for the moment), it seems to me that if volunteerism is to be considered, it's a small, advisable step to take further to make it a requirement of all employees (in this instance, at MS) to serve a hitch. A short one. Seems a bit draconian, but short stints for all would, I think, on balance, have a cohesing effect on the local culture, the humanity that is there already. I'm not advocating universality for that outcome as a pay-day, but to point out that hell is best understood if it's a shared experience. And, yes, I'm aware that there's one hell within the imagery, and one in its presence.

And, of course, knowledge being power and outrage being a strong motivator, iff the screening is to continue, then it would be very prudent to doubly-blind the screeners from any personally identifying information of onedrive users... (I catch the irony of double-blinding, btw, so no need for you to pivot on that term in any response.)

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