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"But if you really think the stuff they are showing you on the news is uncensored and thats what a real mess looks like then you have been lucky. I have seen some bad accidents that were bad enough, fuck knows what the worst of a market looks like when you let off a car bomb, but you wont be seeing it on the news."

What many people don't realise it that what upsets one is OK for another, and enjoyable for still another. You can go to youtube and see what I am sure is very real footage of nasty accidents and so on. Some can watch it, I can't.

Much stuff is uncensored because it is distance, eg the much repeated video of a plane going into the WTC towers. In that instant hundreds of people died, and thousands more died from the fires and the collapse of the towers. Some of those people suffered agony few can imagine in their worst nightmares. But the footage of their deaths is considered fine for tea-time news every few months, because you don't actually see someone burning to death or dying violent in a crash. We do often get to see people so tormented that they'd rather leap from a building than risk dying in some other way. Also on our tea-time news while we eat our dinner.

I know what a bad accident looks like. I don't need video, only my memory to see that.

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