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Should it be legal for law enforcement to rummage through private belongings in search of contraband, drugs or explosives? I specifically say law enforcement, because people frequently complain about them. Assuming we agree that they have a right to search, let's go further on this.

No, we won't, because you're trying to skip over something. They do not have those rights, but they can gain permission to do via a legal process - in civilised countries this generally involves due process and convincing a judge to give them a warrant. They do NOT have a God given right to do as they please. In civilised nations, "making shit up" is also not going to fly.

Now, calling the US civilised or not is a debate I will stay away from, but even the FBI has to gain permission (again, not rights, permission) for access, and that can sometimes even be limited to a very narrow class of search and targets.

So no, it's not *quite* the Wild West you seem to think it is. They're trying to get it that far, sure, but it hasn't fully happened yet.

that right by default - they can only given that

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